Child care agreement and policies (FAQ’s 常问问题)

The following is a list of rules and regulations governing our child care agreement. Please read

these questions and answers (policies) thoroughly as they contain important policies and

procedures that pertain to the care of your child.  If you have any questions or need

clarification, please ask prior to signing!

Do I need to provide or pay a deposit to secure my child’s enrollment?

Yes, a $2,500 non-interest bearing check issued to “Little Bee Daycare and Preschool” is required to secure your

child’s enrollment. Your deposit will be refunded within 10 days of your last day at Little Bee, so long as you have

provided the required 60-days written notice of termination, and there is no balance owed.

In the event you decide not to continue with Little Bee after you have submitted your enrollment package, you

agree to forfeit your security deposit of $2,500. If you fail to submit a 60-day written notice of termination, you

agree to forfeit your security deposit of $2,500.

Q. How far in advance do I need to notify Little Bee that my child will be leaving, or switching from a full-time schedule (Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri) to a part time schedule (Mon/Wed/Fri or Tue/Thu)?  

60-day written notice is required for any schedule change. Without a 60-day written notice, your deposit will be


When is tuition due?

Full payment is due on the 1st of the month.

Is there a fee reduction for holidays, breaks, or missed days?

The monthly fee will not be adjusted for holidays, breaks, or school days missed by students.

Q. I am excited and nervous about my child’s first day at school. Can I stay and observe my child?  

We encourage parents to prepare their children for their first day of school by talking to them, reading books, and

getting them excited about going to school before they arrive for the first day. We think it's best for the child when

you say your goodbyes during drop-off with confidence and assurance, your positive energy will help them adjust

to their new environment smoothly.  

To help your child acclimate to the school’s schedule, we recommend that you pick up your child at 12:30pm for

the first week, and then after nap at 3:30pm for the second week. However, as each child's temperament,

personality, and acclimation to a new environment may vary, the suggested early pick up will be tailored to each

child's need.  

Can children bring a special toy/blanket to school to help ease their transition to Daycare or


Yes, your child can bring a special toy/blanket to school but may only use it during nap time.

Once nap time is over, the item will be stored away.

We don’t speak Mandarin, will my child get confused or frustrated when communicating with

us at home?

Children quickly understand that there are various ways to communicate to each other through

different languages. They will realize that there is a “school” language and a “home” language.

Confusion, if any, is transient because, as you’ll be amazed to see, your children will seamlessly

figure out their world in both English and Mandarin. Think of the millions of neural connections

that they are building in their brains!!

If parents are not able to pick up their child, can they send a friend or family member?

Yes, as long as the friend or family member is listed on the enrollment package list. In the event

they are not, you must call and let us know that person's name, and he/she will need to provide a picture ID at

pickup. Parents are required to email their picture ID in advance, so teachers are aware and know whom to


Do you discipline children or give time-outs?

If there is a conflict, we will simply redirect the children’s attention. We always try to turn a

negative situation into a positive one for the children. We encourage them to resolve their

conflicts and build conflict resolution skills, and if appropriate, encourage them to articulate and share their

perspectives, or apologize to each other.

What is your policy on biting, hitting, and scratching?

Children generally do not bite, hit, scratch, and kick others with the intention to hurt; Instead, often due to a lack of

verbal skills or control over regulating their physical and social behavior, they are more likely at trying to

communicate their frustrations to their peers. If a child continually causes harm to others (i.e., more than three

incidents), we request the child stay home for a day, and then come back to school after the parents have

thoroughly communicated with their child about their inappropriate behavior.  

How do you handle an emergency situation?

In the case of a life-threatening medical situation, we will call 911 and the parents and if necessary, perform CPR,

and provide First-Aid. If we are not able to get a hold of the parents, we will call an ambulance (parents are

responsible for all medical and transportation costs provided by the paramedics, ambulance services, and


We do earthquake, and fire drills every three months with the children. Some drills involve our emergency

notification system (the “emergency tree”) where all parents are notified via text or email from one of our beacon

parents letting you know if the school will be closed, or where to pick up your child in the event of an emergency.  

Which park/outing do you visit and for how long?

We go to local parks within walking distance, or nearby attractions every day for 1 to 1.5 hours. Some of our

common destinations are Cow Hollow Playground on Baker Street, Crissy Field, Marina Library, Moscone Park, Fort

Mason, the Presidio, the Palace of Fine Arts, local community gardens, and the Marina Green. We also have

occasional longer field trips, including local farms, and museums.  

Do I need to bring diapers and wipes for my child?

Yes, please bring a package of diapers and wipes. We will let you know when supplies are running low.

My child is almost potty trained. Can I send her/him to school in underwear?

Due to sanitary concerns, we require your child to be in pull-ups until we see that your child is fully potty trained at

school. Sometimes a child is fully "potty trained" at home, but might not be at school. In order for your child to

wear underwear to school, he/she must be able to verbally convey to the teachers that he/she needs to use the

potty, and be able to hold it until they reach the toilet. We want our students’ potty training experience to be a

positive one, therefore, we believe in respecting our students’ natural timeline for potty training. When your child

is ready, we will be there to help, and guide him/her.   

Do I need to bring food for my child?

We provide meals catered by outside vendors, and snacks. However, parents are welcome to bring their own food

for their child.

My child requires a special diet (vegetarian, kosher, gluten free, no wheat, etc.), can you

make a separate meal for my child?

No, we are not able to individualize meals for children. Parents must provide their children’s meals if they have dietary restrictions.  

Do I need to bring a Nap Mat for my child for nap time?

We require a nap mat for nap time. Recommended brands are Wildkin and Ozark Mountain kids, both of which

can be found on Please also bring a big pillow case with your child’s name written on it to store

your child’s nap mat.  

What if my child doesn't sleep during nap time?

We strongly believe in setting a structured sleeping routine for the children so they know what to expect

throughout the day. Our nap time is roughly from 1:00pm to 3:00pm. It usually takes a short period of time for

your child to adjust to the sleeping schedule, but generally, children quickly adapt to the daily routine with a nap. If

your child is not sleeping during naptime, he/she will understand that nap time means quiet time (i.e., a time to

rest their body). As much as we know that children need to be in a stimulating environment, they also need quiet

moments to calm down, reflect, and refuel. Infants (for Daycare) dictate their own sleeping schedule.  

Will Little Bee teachers administer medicine to my child?

No, we will not administer medicine. If your child needs to take certain prescribed medicine, parents must come to

school and administer medicine to their child.  

Can I still bring my child to school if he/she is sick?

We understand that parents need to work and that finding a sitter might be a challenge, but if your child shows

any of the following symptoms: vomiting, diarrhea, fever of 100°F, unusual body hives or rashes, or any contagious

diseases, please keep your child at home. Please wait 48 hours for all symptoms to disappear before bringing

your child back to school.  Upon returning to school, your child needs to bring to school a doctor’s note to indicate

that they are cleared, and not contagious. During drop off time if we notice your child has any of the above

symptoms, we will not admit him/her. If any of the above symptoms appears during school hours, we will call you

immediately to pick up your child.

Is the Preschool open year-round?

We are open year-round but both schools will be closed for national holidays, spring break, summer break, and

winter break. For more details see the school calendar at  

I see that Little Bee is closed for Spring Break, Summer Break, and Winter Break; do you offer

camps during this period?

Childcare camp will be open for registration during break periods, subject to availability, and demand.  

I would like to volunteer at the school; how may I participate?

If you are a musician, fabulous chef, artist, rocket scientist, or have any fun skills that you would like to share with

the students, please volunteer often! We would love to coordinate a time with you to come and conduct a short

class with the children. Please contact us for more details. Also, you may volunteer during field trips and many of

the organized events and projects throughout the year. You can join the many parents who are very active in

creating a fun, and safe environment for their kids. Contact us to express your interest, and we’ll get you involved!

Is there a fee for late pickup?

Yes, the fee is $5 per minute after 5:30 pm. The late fee will be added to your monthly invoice.

Parents' Responsibilities

• Please label your child's name on all his/her belongings, especially their coats and jackets.

• Please check your child's bags to make sure there is one extra set of clothing (tops, pants,

underwear, and socks) for changing.

• Please take your child's nap mat home weekly on his/her last day of school (Thursday/Friday)

for laundry and bring it back to school on her first day of school (Monday/Tuesday).

• Please make sure to put on comfortable shoes for your child. Due to safety reason, children

may not come to school in Crocs, sandals, or any open toed shoes. In the Daycare, children

should not come to school in shoes with laces. In both the Daycare and Preschool, we

recommend Velcro shoes.

• Please bring requested weekly curriculum materials to school for your child’s project. Most

requested items are recycled items or things you can easily find in your home.

Helpful information:

• Once you are enrolled in Little Bee, you will be asked to accept a Google invitation via email

to view all group emails, curriculum plans, menus, and newsletters. Please accept this

invitation. Please create a Gmail account to better help you access school google group emails.

We find non-Gmail users have difficulty accessing our correspondence with the parents.

• Photo streaming: Please accept the photo streaming invitation to view all daily pictures. All

school pictures will be deleted after one week; we do not store any backups. Please download

pictures that you would like to keep.

• Parent-Teacher Conferences are held twice a year, for three days in the spring and three days

in the fall, Parents are encouraged to sign-up for the conference. The sign-up sheet is emailed

to parents two weeks prior to the start of the conferences.  We believe Parent-Teacher

discussions provide valuable perspective for parents to partner with teachers in promoting their

child’s learning and development.  We encourage you to come prepared with questions about

your child’s performance, skills, interests, and activities.

• A school T-Shirt will be required for field trips and outings. During outings, there are often

numerous other kids not part of Little Bee and the school T-shirts helps us readily identify

children under our supervision. The non-refundable $20 for the T-shirt will be added to your

first month’s tuition.

• Activity fees will be collected by our parent volunteers, referred to as the “Parent-teacher

organization” (“PTO”). You will be notified of these via email once you are admitted to Little


Banned items at school:


-Fancy jewelry

-Coins or Money

-Sharp items, such as pins that are worn on clothes.

-Electronic items, like iPads or iPhone

-Personal toys, unless for presentation on “Show and Tell” day

Birthday treat policy

We have a no sugar policy for birthdays. Please do not buy cakes or cupcakes from outside

vendors, as many stores have nut extract in their ingredients. If you must bring a cake, please

make one at home and use apple sauce to substitute for the sweetness.

Celebrations are held at 3:30pm.

Suggestions for shared birthday treats are: fresh fruits (any small round fruits such as grapes,

must be cut in half to prevent choking), yogurt parfaits, savory or sweet crepes, fresh fruit

smoothies, homemade fruit Popsicle, dim sum, or baguettes with butter and jam. If you have a

special treat that you would like to share with the school on your child’s birthday, please

contact the school prior to the school birthday celebration.

Please supply your own utensils, candles, and plates.

Optional Birthday goody bags are welcome. They MAY NOT contain small toys or candies that

may be a choking hazard.