Our Mission

Our complete Mandarin immersion program fully integrates Mandarin in to our daily curriculum and education experience. Prior exposure to the language is not necessary as our program is designed to help all students develop listening, communication, and literacy skills in Mandarin Chinese. Our mission is to provide an exceptional early education experience as your little ones embark on the journey of learning throughout their lives. Our focus is to nurture strong social-emotional intelligence with the goal of building a strong foundation for the love of learning in order to provide them with the tools to continue to thrive to the best of their ability.

Our Philosophy

We believe that preschool should be a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment where children feel secure, respected, and cared for. Children will take part in planned, active learning experiences to build their readiness skills and awaken their spirit and imagination.  We believe children should learn through experimentation, exploration, and collaboration.  The work they do in the classroom should be tied to real-world experiences and lessons.  Children will participate in activities that build community and support respect for diversity.  The program also supports the relationship between children, their families, and the preschool staff.